Frequently Asked Questions


What are bifid ribs and are they a symptom of the syndrome?

Yes they are. Bifid ribs are ribs that are split in two. They cause no problems and need no attention.

Is hammer toe related to Gorlin Syndrome?

Yes. The second toe tends to be longer than the big toe resulting in the second toe getting pushed back.

My thumbs are very short from the middle joint to the end. Is this part of the syndrome?

It does appear that a large number of people with Gorlin Syndrome have this problem. It is nothing to worry about and will cause no problems.

Do I need to stay out of the sun?

In Gorlin Syndrome patients are at a greater risk of developing BCCs, it is therefore recommended that people take care in the sun. It is advisable to use a sun block or high factor sun screen. It is also recommended that hats, long sleeves and sunglasses are worn to protect from the sun's harmful rays.

Can I donate blood?

Yes.  Once blood has been donated it goes through a process which ensures it is safe for transfusion.


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