Management of Condition

Treatment is best provided by specialists with experience of the condition and should include:  

Surgical excision of keratocysts (jaw cysts)

Early treatment of BCCs to ensure their complete eradication and to preserve normal tissue to prevent disfigurement

Preservation of ovarian tissue whenever ovarian fibromas require surgical treatment.

Radiotherapy is to be avoided unless other therapies are unavailable and the use of diagnostic X-rays should be used sparingly. It is essential that individuals protect themselves from the sun by the use of a complete sun block and by covering exposed skin with long sleeves, high collars and hats.

Ref: Neviod Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome. Synonyms: Basal Cell Nevus syndrome (BCNS), Gorlin syndrome, NBCCS. D Gareth Evans, MD, FRCP and Peter A Farndon, MD, FRCP Gene Reviews 20301330 Oct 2015

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