The UK Dermatology Trials Network is open to anyone (medical staff and patients/carers) with an interest in dermatology research.

The network was established in 2002 by Professor Hywel Williams of the University of Nottingham.

The aim of Network is to conduct clinical trials for the treatment or prevention of skin disease that are independent of the pharmaceutical industry.

To most people, getting involved means taking part in a study, and this is extremely important. However, there are other ways to become involved that are equally valuable:

  • helping to identify research areas that are relevant and appropriate
  • helping to design studies
  • assisting with interpreting research results
  • promoting the work of the network

Patients and carers being involved helps the network:

  • answer the research questions that are relevant to patients
  • share research news with patients and the public
  • keep research on track

Being involved will help patients and carers:

  • have a say in dermatology research
  • share experiences in a positive way
  • learn more about research by attending relevant free training courses
  • gain new skills
  • have the chance to make a contribution

To get involved, contact the Network Manager and discuss how you would like to become more involved. There is no need to have experience of research.

Visit to register an interest and for more information, including details of the ongoing and developing clinical trials.

 Originally produced by Professor P. A. Farndon, Clinical Geneticist, Jim Costello (deceased) and Margaret Costello.  We are reliant on a team of medical advisors for the clinical content of the website. We are grateful for their continuing support. 
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