Are you caring for a child, parent, partner or friend with Gorlin Syndrome? Are there times you feel you need additional support? 

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers is the largest provider of comprehensive carers support services in the UK. In addition to influencing national, regional and local policy they are providers of advice for carers and support groups.   Follow the links below to access all the information need from organisations dedicated to offering support services to carers across the UK.


Young Carers

Both sites include all the key topics and articles about caring, which in turn signpost you to the best information available on the internet. 

The draft NHS Constitution was published at the beginning of July 2008 for consultation alongside a 10 year plan for the NHS.

For the first time in a key NHS document, the Constitution gives carers prominence as partners in care.  The Princess Royal Trust for Carers "Welcome this as the beginning of a culture change in the NHS towards valuing the extraordinary caring contribution of ordinary people.  It builds on the NHS commitments to carers, including £150m new money for health trusts, set out in the new ten year National Carers Strategy".
The briefing dated June 2008 can be accessed by clicking here.
Get in touch with us if you need advice or information about any aspect of Gorlin Syndrome, treatment and/or care.

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