Babies and Children

Babies and Children

Safe in the Sun

The skin of babies is delicate and parents should be aware of the extra dangers and know how to protect their children against the sun's harmful rays.  Sun damage can also cause premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancer. 

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New Special Educational Needs resources

IPSEA has produced 40 new on-line resources to help parents take action with common Special Educational Needs issues.

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If your child has Gorlin Syndrome it may be useful for you as a parent to advise teachers and other staff at school about your child's educational and other needs, i.e. use of sunscreen and the need for regular hospital visits for monitoring and treatment of the condition. 


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Does your child have special educational needs?

If your child has special educational needs it may well be worth visiting the IPEA website.  Independent Parental Sspecial Educational Advice is a national charity providing free legally based advice to families who have children with special educational needs. All the advice is given by trained volunteers.

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