Basal Cell Carcinomas - BCCs - page 2

Remember, BCCs are curable - Recognise the early warning signs.

 Picture of BCC

BCCs frequently appear as an open sore or ulcer. It may bleed or crust, but does not heal.
 Picture of BCC  
BCCs can look like a red patch on the skin which may be itchy, painful or crusty. Sometimes no symptoms are felt but the lesion does not heal or fade.
 Picture of BCC  
A smooth raised growth can appear with an ulcer in the centre. These BCCs can be flesh coloured, pink, red or brown like a mole.
 Picture of BCC  
BCCs can also look like a firm nodule in the skin. These too can appear flesh coloured, pink, shiny, red or pigmented like a mole.
 Picture of BCC  
BCCs can take on the appearance of a flat scarred area in the skin. This area appears pale or white compared to the surrounding skin and may have an ulcer or indentation in the centre. This form of BCC can grow more quickly, making the affected skin look taught and shiny.


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