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Picture Dr J Lear, DermatologistDr John Lear is Consultant Dermatologist at Manchester Royal Infirmary and Hope Hospital and a BMI at The Alexandra Hospital. He is a senior lecturer at the University of Manchester. His main interest is the diagnosis and management of skin cancer and pigmented and precancerous lesions, with a particular interest in the surgical and non surgicel management of these conditions, including topical photodynamic therapy.  Having qualified in medicine in 1991 at Leicester University, Dr Lear underwent general medical training in the Midlands, he then undertook this dermatological training in the Midlands and the South West as a senior registrar before taking up his present consultant post in August 2010.  Dr Lear has published over 100 papers on the genetics, epidemiology, diagnosis and therapy of skin cancer. He has undertaken numerous clinical trials in this area and continues to be involved in research into the latest developments in skin cancer therapy, including oral hedgehog pathway inhibitors for advanced basal cell carcinoma. He runs dedicated clinics for skin problems for those with renal transplants and other immunosuppressed groups, both groups who represent a significant challenge in skin cancer manager. Dr. Lear set up and runs the photodynamic therapy service at Manchester Royal Infirmary for the treatment of superficial skin cancers and precancerous lesions.

He is chair of the specialist skin cancer MDT meeting for Great Manchester, is a member of the NCRI Melanoma and Nonmelanoma skin cancer study group and the NCIN Skin Cancer sub group. Dr Lear is a founding member of the British Society for Skin Care in immunogompromised individuals. He is actively involved in teaching and training, both undergraduates, dermatological trainees and GPs. He organises numerous courses and meetins for GPs, including annual courses, evening meetings and teach a treat type events.                       

 Originally produced by Professor P. A. Farndon, Clinical Geneticist, Jim Costello (deceased) and Margaret Costello.  We are reliant on a team of medical advisors for the clinical content of the website. We are grateful for their continuing support. 
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